Another Non Gay Day In The Gay Mecca

Saturday March, 12, 2011.

There was nothing specifically gay again today.  I went shopping in Union Square and bought fabric at Britex.  Most straight men don’t do that, but I don’t know many other gay men who would either.  I had dinner on Castro Street at a restaurant that definitely had predominately gay men as customers, but I am sure straight men and women would be welcome if they could pay their bills.  I did go to a gay bar after dinner so I guess that was a specifically gay thing.  I only had one beer though, partly because of my compromised cardio pulmonary function, but also because it was too noisy.  Now I am going to bed at Beck’s Motor Inn, and there seems to be a party going on next door.  That has nothing to do with being gay.


A Day In San Francisco

It was not all gay in San Francisco today. In fact not much of it would be considered gay.  Most of my day was spent at SFMOMA. I did some shopping on Castro Street,  and went back for the first movie of a triple feature at the Castro Theater.  The theme of the triple feature was girl empowerment.  It seemed to be a primarily gay and lesbian audience, but I am sure there were many there who were just film buffs.  After watching The Craft, which had no gay content, I went to the Midnight Sun for a beer and back to my hotel.

It was not a particularly “gay” day in a city which is definitely gay, but Gay Life’s Like That.

Goodbye Palm Springs Hello San Francisco

According to Riff Markowitz 56% of the population of Palm Springs is gay. I would not be surprised if he made that up.  After ten days in Palm Springs I did not get a gay vibe while I was there, other than at CCBC and a few bars that I visited.

I have been in San Francisco for about three hours and one walk from Beck’s Motor Inn to Castro Street and back and I feel more at home as gay man in San Francisco than all the time in Palm Springs.

More to come.

The Palm Springs Follies

Wednesday March 9, 2010

This will first be a comment on The Palm Springs Follies and then a rant about the host Riff Markowitz.

The Follies were just as I suspected they would be, a troupe of former entertainers who still have it in them to entertain but like all of the rest of us have met some limitations.

There are eleven women and five men in the company.  They are all entertaining but their days as high kickers are over, except for a couple of the men who could still get the feet over their heads and one who could do a flying splits move.  Of the five men three are gay.  The costumes are quite spectacular and the music although obviously digitized is good and did not overwhelm the singing voices of the all seniors cast.  The youngest cast member  is a woman who, if  I remember correctly is sixty two.  The oldest is also a woman and I think she is seventy eight.

The Four Preps were the guest stars last night and although only two were original to the group they sounded very much like they did in the 50’s and 60’s when they were popular.

I am glad I got my ticket at the discount price of $52.00. I think if had paid the full price of $72.00 I would have been disappointed with what I saw.

Now Riff Markowitz.  He is the host of the show, and I believe the owner of the company. He insulted everyone in the room.  He made jokes that were slurs against, Jews, young people, gays and seniors.  I did not laugh at his jokes, nor did I applaud anything he did.  As a senior gay man I was doubly insulted and his slurs against young people and Jews just embarrassed me. He is a comedian in the same vein as Don Rickles and I always found him offensive too.  Joan Rivers is cut from the same cloth and thank goodness they are all fading out.  Unfortunately, just like cheap polyester, they won’t go away.

The seniors and the gays in Palm Springs, and without those two groups Palm Springs would be a ghost town, should take action and boycott The Palm Springs Follies until they replace Markowitz with someone who is more aware of the changes in sensibility to all identifiable groups and who understands that entertainment doesn’t have to be offensive to be entertaining.

The Outdoor Bath House

I am staying at Cathedral City Boys Club – CCBC – in Palm Springs California.  Alfy, who I met the first night I was here, refers to it as an outdoor bath house and he is pretty much right. There is cruising everywhere on what has been told to me is a 3.5 acre establishment.  It doesn’t seem that large to me, but hey what do I know about how big an acre looks.

I have been here seven days and I have been cruising with varying degrees of success every day and night. It is beginning to get a little boring, but I will no doubt go for a little look around again before retiring tonight.

Many gay men would deny knowing anything about this kind of cruising for sex thing but most of us do.  Most men would have given up on it by my age though.  Perhaps it is because I came out late and still feel like I am making up ground.  I have never had a full time lover, and quite frankly I enjoy the chase in places like this. Most of the guys I have met here at least want to exchange names and where we are from.  I don’t really care all that much.  I am not here to find a lover that is for sure, and really not even a friend.  I am just looking for a warm body with whom I can  share some intimacy.

A friend once told me that I seemed to go for exotic men.  I can now add, Egyptian, Cuban and Mexican to my list of exotic breeds.

Is Halloween A Gay Holiday?

Is Halloween a gay holiday?

Some of my best times and some of my gayest times have been spent with friends on Halloween night. I don’t think that is enough to make it a “gay high holy day” as one of my friends referred to it. I was at four gay clubs in Calgary on Saturday night. There were costumes at all except The Bunker. There were also people in costumes outside the straight club right beside the Backlot, so it is not exclusive to the gay community and pre teen children. Mark, my favorite bartender at The Backlot, was dressed as the devil with great makeup and no shirt. That was enough to keep me there for longer than I might have if he had not been shirtless. That was because I am gay, but that is  not enough reason to call it a gay high holy day.

Four guys in my group were in drag, and taking it very seriously. The best among us was Al who was an aged Playboy Bunny and very funny complete with a gray five o’clock shadow.  At the Eagle there was a lesbian dressed as a mammogram machine. I have no idea how accurate it was but the concept was very good.

Although I had discussed not wearing a costume with two of my closest friends and they had agreed that they were just going to wear civvies, they showed up in kilts. One of them was a piper and the other a leprichon. There was also a nurse prepared to give prostate exams, and another drag queen who sort of resembled Dorothy Lamour, or at least how I imagine Dorothy Lamour would have looked.

I didn’t wear  a costume.

In the past when we had such good times a big part of the fun was getting ready to go out. This year everyone just showed up at Moneypennies. We didn’t seem to have anything to bring us together, as a group. The best year was when seven of us went as nuns dressed in habits in the colors of the Gay Pride Rainbow, a priest, and a geisha. I made all the costumes, and the geisha’s kimono was authentic. There is a photograph of Al (this year’s aged Playboy Bunny) who was a trucker in his real life putting my fake fingernails on for me.  Among our group there were three teachers, a banker, a trucker, a city building inspector, an IT manager for a major oil company and a retired United Church minister. We all met at the IT manager’s apartment and ordered pizza and drank.  Fortunately the guy who was the priest is diabetic so he doesn’t drink and he and his partner, the trucker, have a big van we could all fit into.  We had a great time.

I don’t expect to be able to recreate that night, but it would be fun following the same scenario.

My friend who was the leprichon and his partner the piper are looking for that kind of entertainment again. They have volunteered their apartment for the get together party, so maybe we just have to come up with something cohesive to bring us all together. I am thinking maybe a wedding party.  There are some who don’t want to do drag. The guy who was the priest on the good year still has the priest’s outfit. The geisha has decided he just doesn’t look good as a woman so he could be the groom and I could spend the next year making gowns for the rest of us.

I am thinking ahead one year to next Halloween.

Maybe it is a Gay High Holy Day.

Just Another Day

Did I have any gay moments today?

When I logged on tonight I was thinking I didn’t have any gay moments today, but hell they are all gay moments. I had coffee this morning with about fifteen other gay men. I went to the Fairytales Presentation Society film library and I pre screened two movies for the gay film festival in May and I watched another gay film just because it looked like it might be good. It was The New Twenty and was not all that great.

My on going battle with staying off the chat sites was not that good. I did chat with a very nice guy who I actually hooked up with in the spring.  He came over to my house we got along just fine and had a good conversation which led to the bedroom. He didn’t tell me but he doesn’t like tattoos and piercings. He saw the ear rings and thought he could tolerate those, but when we got into the bedroom and he saw my tattoos and nipple piercings and PA, he just couldn’t move past them.  He is a very nice guy. We share many interests.  There was definitely some sexual interest and attraction but it just could not happen for him.  I have since taken out the nipple rings and the PA.  I went to his choir concert in June, with a ticket that he gave me. We have chatted on line a few times but the tattoos just are not going anywhere and in fact I am considering some more.

I am sure this kind of thing has happened to straight men with tattoos and piercings too, but I feel like it is a gay moment for me.